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Here at Granny and Co Homes we pride ourselves on designing and building luxury small home solutions that include high-quality and durable inclusions and accessories. Each granny flat is designed to meet the needs of each individual client, giving you the freedom to customise your new small home and making sure that you’re sure to love the final granny flat design. We think our standard inclusions are better than most, but we’re always looking to improve. Here are just a few of the inclusions that come with every Granny & Co Home. 


At Granny and Co Homes, our granny flat designs come with easy-to-use and stylish granny flat bathroom accessories that are perfect for everyday use. We only use high-quality bathroom accessories in our granny flat designs, including the much-loved Grohe range of tapware as well as Posh Domaine and others from our preferred suppliers. These items are all backed by lengthy warranties and great aftersales service. 

Another great standard accessory is a mirrored cabinet that’s recessed into the wall above the vanity unit, providing you with vital storage options. A back-to-wall rimless toilet with a soft-close seat is an essential item as it looks good while being easy to clean. Wall-hung vanity units are also stylish and popular, they’re also easy to clean around. These are all standard features of our grannies however some of our bathroom fitouts even feature bath tubs, bidet toilets and heated towel ladders.


Gone are the days when granny flats felt like a renovated shed. At Granny and Co we actually consider what type of door system best suits your home. Our granny flat designs have a range of internal door options including pre-hung timber doors to custom-made sliding doors. We can also open-up your granny flat to feature folding or concertina doors giving you privacy when you need it, and an open plan room when you want more space.  And if you have any extra requirements, such as wider doors for wheelchair access, we are able to work with you and customise your granny flat’s internal and external doors. With our range of internal granny flat doors, your granny flat will not only give you the privacy you desire but also added security and comfort.


Most granny flats and houses in Australia are built with standard 2.4m high ceilings but, here at Granny and Co Homes, we design and build most of our granny flats with oversized 2.6 or 2.7m high ceilings and we introduce raked or cathedral ceilings where possible. Why build higher ceilings? They will make a small space feel bigger, brighter and breezier which will improve your comfort level inside a small home.


We understand how important a well-designed and functional kitchen is for anyone, especially those who love to cook or host visitors. That’s why we encourage our clients to customise their kitchens with our award-winning Cabinetmakers. Each Granny and Co home comes with a range of high-quality and stylish kitchen appliances and accessories that will make cooking and hosting in your new home a breeze.

Appliances for granny flats are also an important consideration. We recently introduced the Beko range of appliances into our granny flats because of their excellent value backed by a standard 5-year warranty and good aftersales service. Our electrical supplier keeps us well-informed of appliance specials which we often pass-on to those clients who are looking to upgrade to other brands, such as Smeg.


Let’s face it, most granny flat bathrooms are simple and compact, fitted out with basic tapware and without much attention to detail. Full-height wall tiling is a standard feature for our granny flat bathrooms as they lift the overall appearance and are easy to clean. We even go to the detail of tiling into the bathroom window reveals which necessitates an extra level of waterproofing plus square-set cornices that other companies resist because of the cost associated with the higher level of detailing. Many of our clients also opt for a tiled-in wall niche for extra “wow” and storage.


We love designing our granny flats to feature the Vantage System of sliding doors and windows which incorporate sleek, contemporary aluminium frames and are available in a wide range of stylish colours to complement your granny flat’s design and colour scheme. In our opinion this is one of the better window systems available in Australia owing to its thicker aluminium extrusion and robust frames which make them stronger than the other systems we’ve used.

When designing each granny flat we take into account each individual window and door’s size and position to best suit your granny flats layout and privacy needs while ensuring that you’ll also have good natural light and cross-ventilation in each room. Sliding glass doors can be fitted with reduced-height sills for improved accessibility. Windows and doors can easily be fitted with 316 grade stainless steel screens for security or low-e glazing for reduced heat and noise transfer. Louvres and coupled windows (for example, louvres + fixed glass) can also be introduced.

Want to find out more about how you can make your dream granny flat design come to life? Want to see what other granny flat inclusions are part of your design? Contact Granny and Co Homes today on (07) 3180 2681 or browse our range of stylish, luxury granny flat designs.

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