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Spacious Light-Filled Open-Plan Studio At Tamborine MTN

Client contacted me asking if we could convert the subfloor area of his house. It was the back-end of a garage, was damp, dark and musty with a low ceiling that made the space unsuitable for anything other than storage. He wanted something “bright and breezy” that felt inviting.

The house is surrounded by lush gardens and has great views from the upper level… with a beautiful panoramic view down the mountain and the Gold Coast (yes, ocean views) so I thought there was an opportunity to remodel downstairs to capitalise on the outlook.

Originally intended as a caretaker’s studio the end-result is a spacious light-filled open-plan studio with a foody’s kitchen, butler’s pantry, a beautiful bathroom and plenty of storage. The client was impressed and subsequently changed his mind about the purpose of the studio and has listed it as a luxury weekender on AirB’n’B.

This represents a high quality fitout with attention to detail. The finished result complements the existing upstairs area, both inside and out, providing a balanced solution that optimises the use of the house.

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