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(50-100m2 + Deck)

The Downtowner, Uptowner and Metro are a series of 2-bedroom small home solutions designed by Metamorphouse Architects specifically for accommodating 2 unrelated people at the same time (eg. housemates in a share-house) in a small home; a novel idea for a granny flat but a realistic situation for many granny flat owners who rely on rental income to pay for their investment.

Like many of our 2-bedroom designs the Downtowner has separate “living” and “bedroom” zones which help to enhance privacy. For this reason, built-in-robes have been positioned in-between the bedrooms which also frees-up external wall space for a variety of window and sliding glass door options, most importantly providing the bedrooms with at least 2 openable windows which ensures good quality natural light and cross-ventilation; necessary for a healthy home.

One of our most popular mid-sized designs, the Downtowner is a modern and inviting 2-bedroom solution that has additional features and detailing where they’re most needed. High, cathedral ceilings in the indoor and outdoor living areas create a spacious light-filled area. The addition of a large stacker or bi-fold door provides a great transition between interior and exterior areas. 

The Deck is fully roofed and is large enough to furnish and comfortably entertain a group of visitors. An optional full-length cupboard can be built down one side of the Deck (useful when facing west or a nearby neighbour) incorporating your Laundry / Wet Bar and additional storage or barbeque area. Quality handrail and balustrade are fitted to the remainder of the Deck where needed.

The kitchen, wardrobes and cupboard are custom-designed to suit your needs.

You can download our flyer for the Downtowner here.

The Downtowner - 63m2

The Downtowner - 73m2

Here's A Customised 100m2 Downtowner!

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The Downtowner 70m


The Downtowner 70m2 Interior


The Downtowner 60m


The Downtowner 50m2 Exterior

Downtowner - 50m2 - Plan

Downtowner - 50m2 - Floor Plan

Downtowner - 50m2 - Perspective1

Downtowner - 50m2 - Perspective 2

Downtowner - 50m2 - Elevation 1

Downtowner - 50m2 - Elevation 2


The Downtowner 50m2 Interior


The Downtowner 50m2 Interior


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