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Traditional Suburban Home

The Contempo is a homely design that incorporates the elements of a traditional suburban home with a very functional layout.

One of our larger 2-bedroom suburban designs, the Contempo is a stylish 2-bedroom solution that boasts a full-size kitchen plus separate living and dining areas (a rarity with granny flats) with the option for a large open plan area. Other features include separate decks at either end of the living area (or the option of a wraparound deck), 2700mm high ceilings throughout, and ample storage. The Contempo feels very spacious.

Like many of our 2-bedroom designs (including The Metro) this granny flat has separate “living” and “bedroom” zones which help to create privacy. The built-in-robes in each bedroom have been positioned on either side of the central Bathroom to maximise privacy between the bedrooms. Only The Urban, which has 2 bedrooms on either side of the granny flat, offers greater privacy between bedrooms.

This was one of the first granny flat designs prepared by Metamorphouse Architects and it has been customised into many different forms to suit individual clients.

The Contempo Features:

Floor Plan

A traditional Contempo (80m2) with wraparound verandah, built on acreage



Floor Plan with Wraparound Verandah

Contempo Wraparound

A smaller, Hampton-style Contempo with wraparound Patio


Ideal for

Standout Features

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