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Have you considered a dual occupancy development?

What's the right number of bedrooms for my granny flat?

Let Granny and Co Homes find the best solution for you!

Determining the right solution for your home extension or granny flat project can be a confusing and drawn out ordeal: do you move house, build up, build out?  What type of outcome do you need? Which design is going to suit you? And will the end result improve the value of your property? This is the process that most people go through…

At Granny and Co Homes we aim to take the hassle out of the process.  One of our specialists will sit down with you to discuss your family’s needs and propose solutions for you.  As a design-and-build construction company with an inhouse Architect we can help advise whether an extension or renovation is a going to be a better option than a granny flat and we can handle the entire process from start-to-finish.

No matter what your reason for wanting a granny flat or house extension the underlying objectives should be to improve your lifestyle and secure more value on your home. To prevent yourself from being disappointed or wasting your hard-earned money with a cheap alternative that doesn’t meet your needs, our range of high-quality fully-customised granny flats have proven to be a sound investment for our many happy clients.

Invest in your property and improve your lifestyle with Granny and Co Homes.

Use your spare land to bring in rental income

Your existing yard could be a fantastic investment opportunity! With the rental market at capacity, there are many people looking for affordable accommodation. Building a granny flat to rent out may be a smart decision.  For a relatively low cost you could be receiving a regular income from previously unused space. It’s an easy way to get into the investment market and take a short-cut towards financial freedom.

In some situations there are better solutions than a granny flat, for example you might get better rental return and improved property value from a dual occupancy development.  Talk with us about how to optimise your site and  check out our rules and regulations for granny flats in your region!

Study not quite cutting it as a home office?

Since the pandemic our homes have become places where all our activities are held and this is particularly the case for our work environment.

Working from home has many benefits: a more flexible environment, more time with the kids, financial benefits, no need to commute, no need to get out of our pyjamas and so on. It also comes with some problems such as the lack of distinction between home time and work time, constant interruptions and not enough dedicated office space. 

A great solution to this problem is a Granny and Co home office! All of our granny flat designs can be adjusted to suit your specific requirements, we can tailor-make a perfect office space for you.  One or two bedrooms can easily become an office and a boardroom, we can even provide you with a staff kitchen plus a welcoming space for clients to visit… these are some of the simple changes which our design team are happy to discuss.  But most importantly, you get to stay in the comfort of an environment that suits you, giving you the opportunity to optimise your work/life balance.

Your kids have left school but they're not quite ready to leave home?

The high cost of living and the lack of affordable housing has made it very difficult for young adults and university students to take that first step towards independence. A Granny and Co home can provide an ideal home for millennials, helping to solve the puzzle of accommodating young adults.  A separate space for them to live in will give the young people in your life the freedom and independence they would like while cutting down the costs of living away from home.  Check out the Urban (above) or Metro (below) for a great millennial retreat. They even come with a laundry, so there’s no reason for them to ask Mum to do their washing!

customised downtowner 100M2
granny flats logan
architecturally designed granny flats

Your kids are now parents with a young family?

A granny flat is an ideal solution for young adults and young families. You get the benefit of keeping the family group together and the kids  can afford to save for their first home

As house prices and living costs continue to rise, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for young people to save for a mortgage deposit and get their foot into the property market. As a result, many are packing up the bags and moving back into the family home in order to save on the cost of rent and giving them the chance to budget for a house deposit.

The surrounding images are of a customised Downtowner that was designed and built for a young family. This granny flat is packed full of  features including a huge open plan living area with full size custom designed kitchen, a large covered deck that’s perfect for entertaining, 2 large bedrooms with built-in-robes, a 3rd bedroom (currently a nursery but eventually a home office), lots of storage and a clever bathroom layout with separate toilet.

Bring them back into the family group with a granny flat!

build a granny flat brisbane
logan granny flats

Elderly parents? Extended family members?

With increasing costs and concerns over the quality of aged care, having your own granny flat will provide the space to keep your parents or extended family members close-by without encroaching on anyone’s privacy and independence. A granny flat makes a perfect at-home retirement living option. Our specialist design team knows exactly what needs to be considered when creating a space for seniors.  Our granny flats can include:

  • Oversized doorways (suitable for wheelchairs and walking frames)
  • Functional, easy to maintain kitchen (custom designed to suit their needs)
  • Large bathrooms with flush floors and easy access
  • Large bedrooms (suitable for 2 beds &/or wheelchair access)
  • Large living area (suitable for recliner sofas or precious furniture)
  • Additional storage (making it easier to downsize from the family home)
  • Easy access from the granny flat to the existing home

These essential details should be considered when investing in a granny flat for elderly parents.

Does your home need rejuvenation?

Have you considered extending your home or remodelling it to suit your family’s changing lifestyle needs? Remodelling your home can achieve amazing results (check out our many case studies) and will improve the value of your property.

Granny and Co Homes are experts in small home solutions and specialise in second storey extensions such as this great home remodel. Let us improve your home and enrich your lives with a high quality extension.

The ultimate parents' retreat? The kids are happy too!

Need help choosing the right Granny Flat solution?

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