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Granny and Co are all about creating space that suits your changing lifestyle needs.

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As one of Brisbane and southeast Queensland’s leading home extension, renovation and small home specialists, Granny and Co Homes draws on over 20 years of experience in the Queensland building industry, providing you with high quality service and peace-of-mind solutions.

We differ from others in that we focus on building a quality investment that will optimise your property and enrich your life.

Many solutions are possible, including but not limited to:

  • Customised granny flats (your granny flat, your way)
  • Dual occupancy developments (house + granny flat or house + house)
  • Duplex-style living
  • A studio (or a series of studios)
  • Staged developments that require a masterplan
  • Kit home packages for the owner-builder (available for select designs)


We are here to challenge the old-fashioned stigma of a granny flat by creating luxury small home solutions that are tailored to suit your needs, site and budget. Our modern, inviting designs are built to a high standard unlike most prefabs and project-built homes. 

Granny and Co have a huge range of standard granny flat designs including 1, 2, and 3-bedroom options… even 2-storey designs, all of which can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

If one of our standard designs is not to your liking then enquire about our bespoke service and let us create that dream home for you!

luxury small home solutions brisbane

We believe in healthy homes and sustainability

At Granny and Co Homes we take your health and the environment seriously. In the process of customising your design we will consider the building’s orientation, natural light and cross-ventilation, thermal comfort, as well as the relationship between spaces and your need for harmony.

We aim to provide good natural light and cross-ventilation in all rooms and will consider your need for privacy by carefully sizing and placing windows in your home. We consider the materials used for building your home including the use of sustainable timbers and will provide you with options for a healthier home including natural timber wall, ceiling and floor linings, low-VOC flooring and laminates, water-based paints and so on.

All of our granny flats achieve 6+ star energy ratings. Roofs and external walls are fully insulated and you have the option for floor insulation too. Energy efficient lighting, tapware and appliances are standard features.

A Granny and Co Home will exceed the standard industry requirements which means your home will be healthier and more environmentally friendly.

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Need help choosing the right solution?

Call us to discuss your options for a healthy home design. We provide expert small home solutions that meet your needs, lifestyle and budget. Call us today on (07) 3180 2681.

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