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Have you found yourself in any of these situations?

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Your changing lifestyle means that your current home doesn’t quite suit you anymore, but what do you do?

You could sell your home and relocate – into a great new home in a more remote location or in a cheaper home that’s in a better location – but the process of relocating and settling into a new neighbourhood is expensive and exhausting. Building a new home introduces a new problem of having to find somewhere to live during construction.

Building a granny flat, raising your house or adding an extension could be the perfect solution… you get the benefits of a new home with space and features designed to suit your lifestyle, in the neighbourhood that you call home and without the upheaval of a move.

Granny and Co Homes are experienced home extension builders who can transform your home in ways you may not have thought possible. We work with our clients to create spaces that address their changing family and lifestyle needs. We use a considered design approach backed by high quality construction to provide customised solutions that suit the client, the site and their budget.

Our construction process is typically based around the client continuing to live in their home during the build. This sets us apart from other builders. We make every effort to minimise disruption to your living arrangements and believe you shouldn’t have to move out when we build your home extension or granny flat, this will save you the stress, time and cost of finding alternative accommodation.

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At the end of the day, you are left with your dream home, where you want to live, and your perfect lifestyle. Call us today on (07) 3180 2681

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