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Adding a second storey to your home can open new doors for your family, both literally and figuratively. Whether you’ve got a growing family and need more space to suit your changing lifestyle needs or you simply want to improve the value of your property, there are several reasons to choose a second-storey extension.

1. You get to keep the back yard!

One of the key benefits of building up rather than out is the fact that you don’t need any extra land to do so! You’ll be able to keep your swimming pool, your tool shed and your veggie garden right where they are.

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2. It’s a cost-effective solution that gives great results

Most homes are suitable for a second storey extension and when built right, they are an economical way of transforming your home. You get to optimise the layout of your home to suit your family’s changing lifestyle needs and update its overall look.

3. You’ll be adding a large amount of value to your home.

Adding a second storey will significantly increase your home’s value, should you choose to sell. With the availability of vacant lots slowly shrinking as population records continue to grow, home buyers are looking for dwellings with extra space and room to move. Homes with parents retreats are typically in-demand.

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4. That view, though.

Tying in with the previous point, another reason two-storey homes are worth more than single-storey homes is the magnificent views they yield. After all, who doesn’t love waking up to the sun rising behind the clouds or looking out their window into a tree canopy?

5. The obvious one… It’ll give you more room to move.

A holistic design that optimises the use of your home?! A whole new floor for activities?! Adding another level to your home is a great way to establish more room to move. How much would you benefit by having a parents retreat? Or a home office? Now that the kids have grown up do they need bigger bedrooms or an entertainment space? Whatever the case, adding a second storey is a surefire way to create more privacy in your home.

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