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At Granny and Co Homes we aim to ease the stress involved in building your dream home

Working with us, you can relax knowing our trusted and experienced team are taking care of everything for you, from start to finish. Our complete turnkey solution means we look after the design process, lodge and obtain any approvals, arrange construction insurance, make appointments with our preferred suppliers and subcontractors, as well as handling all aspects of construction and aftersales service.

We know you'll be eager to start enjoying your new and improved home so we do our best to get things done quickly and smoothly without comprising on the quality of the job.

As a design-and-construct building company, all the staff involved in building your home are part of our in-house team, enabling a much speedier process for you.

As we approach the finishing touches stage of building your home there are a few ways where we can save time to complete the job sooner. If this is of interest to you, we can leave out the curtains and carpets, as these items can be installed after we’ve finished, and depending on the nature of the job we sometimes refer our clients directly to a tradesman for tasks like flooring or air conditioning. These steps will help us finish the job quicker, while at a good price by dealing directly with tradespeople.

This solution tends to suit investors, clients who don’t live locally, executives, those who are simply too busy or aren’t inclined to get involved in the process. With so many factors involved in the build of a granny flat – why wouldn’t you make the easy choice?

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