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(65-100m2 + Patio & Balcony)

The Chalet is our flagship 2-storey design: a compact layout that is packed with features and built to a high quality with an appropriate level of detailing. Its simple geometry along with a striking roofline and mixed building materials create a very contemporary and inviting look. 

One of the main interior features of the Chalet is the living area with 2-storey cathedral ceilings that open-out to a wraparound verandah providing additional undercover living space and a variety of entertainment options.

Another feature of this design is the 2nd bathroom – rarely seen in granny flats – which services the downstairs area, giving the upstairs master bedroom its own ensuite and blcony. 

Individual walls are specifically designed to accept “picture-frame” windows, built-in cabinetry and artwork, all of which can be adjusted to suit your needs. 

The built floor area is a compact 70m2 however your design can be customised to suit your spatial needs. The wraparound outdoor living area is a generous 48m2 which gives you more options for entertaining and provides a balanced look to the granny flat. 

The ground floor bedroom and bathroom are privately tucked-away to the side of the living area. The upstairs bedroom is bright with several windows and a sliding glass door or bi-fold opening out to a balcony. It also includes a built-in-wardrobe and compact ensuite.

This design features a full-size kitchen in an open-plan living area, perfect for foodies who like to entertain. The living area is typically built with 2-storey cathedral ceilings giving it a spacious feel. 

This is a very stylish 2-storey, 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom solution with an expressive roof form and mixed use of materials that create contrasting colours and textures, typical of our “Architectural Series” of granny flat designs. Adjust the size and level of detailing to suit your budget.

You can download our flyer for the Chalet here.



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