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(60-100m2 + Decks)

lifestyle granny flats winner hia award

This is a versatile design that looks great big or small thanks to its simple open plan layout, raked ceilings, modern & inviting look and the use of mixed building materials. For improved liveability and more entertainment options we recommend a wraparound deck that opens out from the living area.

The Downtowner, Uptowner and Metro are a series of 2-bedroom small home solutions designed by Metamorphouse Architects specifically for accommodating 2 unrelated people at the same time (eg. housemates in a share-house) in a small home; a novel idea for a granny flat but a realistic situation for many granny flat owners who rely on rental income to pay for their investment.

A very popular 2-bedroom design, the Metro began as our first solution for accommodating 2 unrelated people (for example, housemates in a share-house) in a small home; a novel idea for a granny flat but a realistic situation for many granny flat investors who rely on rental income to pay for the build. 

Like many of our 2-bedroom designs the Metro has separate “living” and “bedroom” zones which help to enhance privacy and built-in-robes have been positioned on either side of the central bathroom to maximise privacy between the bedrooms. This makes the design quite wide so to balance this, each bedroom was appointed with a deck that reconnects the rooms to the central living area. 

This is a very stylish 2-bedroom solution with an expressive roof form and mixed use of materials that create contrasting colours and textures. 

A popular variation to this design is the addition of a wraparound deck (in lieu of separate decks) and a large stacker door (or 2) in the living area which helps to integrate the interior with exterior. This version of the Metro was an award-winner with the HIA in 2015 (best custom-built home up to $300,000 and finalist in the “up to $600,00” category). Special mention to Paul Cooper who handled the build.

You can download our flyer for the Metro here. Please note, the photos below show the Metro with a wrapround deck.


  • GFA: 60m2 internal GFA (complies with NSW regulations) / 63m2 external GFA
  • Outdoor Living Area: 23m2 (13m2 + 10m2 Decks) / 43m2 (Wraparound Deck)
  • Note: a larger standard is also available (73m2 GFA)

Floor Plan (standard)

The Metro 70m2 Floor Plan

Floor Plan (wraparound deck)

New Metro 60m2 Floor Plan

here's what we built!

exterior images

Interior Images

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