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At Granny and Co Homes we strive to be open with our clients and transparent with our pricing

It is of utmost importance that our clients have peace of mind when dealing with us. This starts with good communication and a transparent pricing process.

Our 3-part Concept Design Package is a great investment towards your granny flat or home improvement project. It includes a concept design prepared by an Architect, a detailed scope of work and a fixed price estimate, all prepared for our clients at a great entry-level price. These 3 components will typically satisfy the requirements of your lending institution and will help to ensure you’re not overcapitalising or negatively-gearing your property.

A fixed price contract is important because you’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting with your granny flat or home extension build and exactly how much it’s going to cost. You’ll have greater peace-of-mind knowing your investment has been designed and built to a high standard without the risk of huge budget blowouts.

Invest in your lifestyle: improve your property and enrich your life with Granny and Co Homes.

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