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(50-100m2 + Deck)

A novel 1, 2 or 3-bedroom design, the Beach Break consists of different modules: living area + bedroom(s) + bathroom + deck, positioned in the order you want. For example: living area + deck + bedroom + bathroom + bedroom. Or deck + living area + bathroom + bedroom.

Its long, narrow shape makes it ideal for yards with limited space, for example, position it against the back fence to get more space between the existing house. The modules can be connected to form one structure or built independently to form separate pavilions then linked with a deck, making it ideal for rural / coastal environments where the structures can wrap around trees.

This is a very stylish 2-bedroom solution with an expressive roof form and mixed use of materials that create contrasting colours and textures. We encourage our clients to use the design as a starting point and customise it to get the layout and look you want.

70m2 (internal area) Floor Plan

60m2 (internal area) Floor Plan

Beach Break - 50m2 - Plan

Beach Break - 50m2 - Perspective1

Beach Break - 50m2 - Perspective 2

Beach Break - 50m2 - Perspective 3

Exterior Image

The Beach Break Exterior

Additional Exterior Images

Interior Images


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