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The ideal forever home for our Moreton client

With over 20 years experience in the building industry, Granny & Co. Homes has established a reputation for being the leading home extension and small home specialist in Brisbane and South East Queensland. Our brand is synonymous with high-quality service, attention to detail, and professionalism.  

Michelle, a Moreton Shire homeowner, wanted a unique granny flat solution that met all her individual needs. She had several options in terms of contractors/developers but made the smart choice to go with Granny & Co. Homes. 

Her decision was swayed by Nathan, one of the top granny flat experts on our team. From the onset, Nathan made it clear to Michelle that she was in charge of the development and the end result would be a home with modern features that met her vision.  

Here is the story: 

The building process 

As the premier design and build company in the Moreton, Brisbane, and the greater Queensland area, Granny & Co offers a comprehensive building process that considers the client at every step. Throughout this process, our specialists are attentive to every demand and request, as Michelle was able to experience firsthand.

Here is a breakdown of how Michelle’s ideal ‘forever home’ grew from a vision to brick and mortar.

Client brief 

Michelle was not new to the construction process. Many years back, she contracted a local construction crew to build her family home. The experience and quality of service she received, however, were lacking. Understandably, she didn’t want to put herself in such a situation again, and was relieved when our servicemen quickly assured her that she would be part of the process, from start to finish. 

Over a cup of coffee, we were able to discuss the basic design and layout she had in mind. The structure was similar to our popular and highly-rated Hampton granny flat design. Michelle wanted a more traditional look for her design, to complement the character and aesthetics of the existing development. 

The result of these discussions was an extensive “brief” which touched on every element of the dwelling, from the solid timber flooring and full-size kitchen to the brick veneer and Colorbond roofing. 

Only with Michelle’s stamp of approval did we move to the next stage of the building process— planning and design.

Planning and design 

All dwellings within the area must meet Moreton Council’s building code provisions and by-laws. Our team’s expertise and industry knowledge were crucial in designing the new development in compliance with these regulations. 

In our design, we ensured that the granny flat met the following provisions set by the Moreton Bay Regional Council. 

  • Self-accessible
  • Maximum size depending on the size of the lot
  • Compliance with zoning requirements
  • Parking space(s)
  • Distance of the granny flat from the primary dwelling 
  • Boundary setbacks
  • Infrastructure contributions & levies

Due to the property’s location, a bushfire report was also required for construction to be carried out. Designated bushfire areas are predetermined as high-risk according to weather conditions, vegetation or location–for example, an area that has had bushfires in the past. 

As an additional measure, our team requested that Michelle peruse the rules and regulations set in the MBRC Planning Scheme. While she didn’t have the technical knowledge to interpret the jargon, it gave her a basis to understand some of the decisions made in regards to her granny flat design. For more information on the Council’s building provisions, click here.

Contract and building approval 

With Michelle’s approval of the design, the next step was the approval of the contract. 

Granny & Co. Homes offered a fixed-price contract. We assured Michelle that the price was locked in and would not change throughout the construction, and that she should not expect any hidden fees or additional payments after the final nail was drilled in.

Let’s get to work

Granny & Co. Homes uses tried-and-tested systems to guarantee that each project runs smoothly. We used trusted specialist suppliers and trades (plumbers, electricians, painters, etc who we have worked with previously) for Michelle’s project. 

Michelle was kept informed as we progressed through each stage of construction. Our team sought regular feedback to ensure that the building was satisfactory and in line with her standards. Any issues that arose were dealt with openly, and without question. 

Our team has met challenges during previous contracts when the price of building material has increased during construction. To adhere to the terms of the agreement, Granny & Co uses QBCC and QMBA recommendations to manage such situations. We offer our clients the option to pre-order materials. It ensures that we stick to the budget and adhere to the timeline.


After weeks of work, Granny & Co. Homes presented a granny flat with a wraparound patio that opened from the living area. Our designers installed glazed windows and insulated walls and roof to offer thermal comfort. 

As for the kitchen, it absolutely matched the client’s expectations, from the oversized gas cooktop to the setting of the sink. The kitchen finishes were color-matched to the floor, giving the space a truly unique feel. 

The client had emphasized that the new development was to be ‘a home’; a place for her to enjoy her retirement and the rest of her days. Taking that into consideration, oversized doors were installed to allow for easy access, even with the use of a wheelchair or walking frame. Furthermore, our professional crew minimized the step up from outside to inside, making it almost unnoticeable. 

Michelle has now joined the thousands of clients in the Queensland area whose needs have been comprehensively met by Granny & Co. Homes. She benefited from the professional services of our crew at an affordable price. 

You too can get a granny flat solution that is future-proofed and gives you peace of mind. Contact Granny & Co. Homes today and receive a quote for our services.

What separates Granny & Co. Homes from the competition? 

  • A one-stop solution for all your granny build needs. We have in-house designers, architects, and a capable construction crew. 
  • Professional and experienced servicemen. All our architects, builders, and Master Trades are the best in the industry. 
  • Range of Designs. We have a wide range of granny flat designs for you to choose from. Our architects are willing to customize any design to your needs. 
  • Quality customer service. Just like Michelle, our experts take the time to understand what our clients need. 
  • 100% Customer satisfaction. Granny & Co. Homes will provide you with a tailor-made solution that meets your exact needs, specifications, and budget. 

The bottom line 

With Brisbane’s leading small home design-and-build service provider, Michelle was able to get a customized granny flat that met her traditional specifications. The customization process considered the environmental conditions as well as lighting and air circulation. In addition, the new development was constructed in compliance with all Moreton Shire building codes and by-laws. 

Granny & Co. Homes has been servicing South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales for decades. Our extensive experience, coupled with a stellar reputation, makes us the premier service provider in the design and construction of new developments and major house extensions. 

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