Granny & Co Homes


Granny and Co Homes is a design-and-build construction company with experienced inhouse Architects and Designers who can help create your dream home. Due to our association with Metamorphouse Architects, we are also able to provide clients with a professional personalised bespoke design service that includes 3d concepts and visualisations, plans for development approval (DA), building approval (BA), and so on.

We are also now selling our designs as plans / packages that you can use for your own project. This service has been of great assistance to our regional clients as well as owner-builders. Our homes are designed by Metamorphouse Architects (led by Australian-registered Architect, Nathan Stroud with more than 20 years industry experience) who have been focusing on small home solutions in Australia and Asia since the early 2000’s.

Our plans can be used by yourself or your builder. We can prepare them for submission to Council or your Building Certifier and can assist with the various consultants you might require for your project.

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