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THE URBAN (60-100m2 + Deck)

The Urban has a modern, inviting look and a great layout with 2 large bedrooms on either side of a central open-plan Living Area which opens-out to a large, roofed Deck. This type of layout creates maximum privacy between the bedrooms which makes The Urban ideal for home office applications, a small family or for adults living in share-accommodation.

The roofline of The Urban complements suburban homes and its narrow rectangular shape is ideal for properties that have limited yard space. Building the Kitchen out to the eaves allows the granny flat to be positioned slightly closer to your site boundaries which reduces wasted space between the granny flat and fence. The clever placement of windows is designed to increase privacy while maintaining adequate natural light and cross-ventilation.

Originally designed as a compact 60m2 (internal area) 2-bedroom home to suit the New South Wales market, The Urban is also available in a larger 70m2 form and a smaller 1-bedroom version, and of course you have the option to customise the design to suit your needs.

You can download our flyer for the Urban here.

See also: UrbanPod, our 1-bedroom version of the Urban.

Floor Plan

The Urban Floor Plan 60m2



Here's What We Built!

Another Urban (Interior)

3 Bedroom House + Urban

A Customised Urban


Urban - Floor Plan

Urban - 3d Floor Plan

Urban - Exterior1

Urban - Exterior2

Urban - Exterior3

Urban - Exterior4

Urban - Interior


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