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Designing and Building your dream home deserves our attention...

Granny and Co Homes make the whole process of designing and building your dream home as simple and straightforward as possible for you by managing the entire process from start-to-finish.

We provide a great turnkey service that begins with the initial concept  design and carries through to working drawings, building approval, construction and then handing over the keys to our happy clients. 

Our concept design process has been tailored to help you get financial approval. For a small investment you get a concept design (modelled in 3d and with lots of easy-to-understand images), a detailed scope of work (that clearly communicates what’s included and excluded) plus a fixed price estimate. This is a great service that our clients love as it clearly communicates what we are doing.

Our experienced team will meet with you to discuss your ideas and requirements and offer helpful suggestions and advice.

Granny & Co Homes

Simply give us a call on (07) 3180 2681 and we will listen to your ideas and requirements and offer helpful suggestions and advice. We can refer to our great range of granny flat designs and discuss what best suits you and your needs. Using online resources we can even examine your site remotely and establish a range of possible solutions right then and there!

When we arrange to meet, we’ll establish which design best suits your needs based on your personal requirements and style preferences, your existing home and site, and of course your budget. In our experience, most clients are happy to choose one of our standard designs then customise it to suit. Your granny flat, your way. If you would prefer a one-off design, we can arrange this for you.

At the end of the meeting we can help you form a budgetary expectation at this meeting, an exact price will be confirmed before we go to contract.

Step 2: Initial Planning and the Concept Design Process

For a small investment towards the cost of your build you get the benefit of our great Concept Design Process which starts with a site assessment to help confirm what’s possible and appropriate for your site. 

We then investigate development constraints with the Local Authority /
Council and check the nature of various utilities and services (electricity, water, gas, etc), followed by a design confirmation. With this information at hand we can then begin to model a concept that incorporates your needs and preferences, and takes into account your budget. Typically we refer to one or more of our standard designs, or simply create something new for you!

After preparing a detailed scope of work that specifies the inclusions and exclusions for your new home we then provide you with a fixed price building quote. Our pricing process is transparent and you will have an opportunity to review costs and if necessary, adjust the scope of work to suit your budget. We strive to contain costs and prevent budget blow-outs.

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Fixed price contracts for peace-of-mind

Once you are satisfied that our design, scope of work and fixed price estimate meet your  requirements we are ready to go to contract and start building for you! We use the Master Builders “Residential Building Contract” for our clients’ peace-of-mind and security.

Our expert team will handle the entire building approval process from start to finish, giving you greater peace of mind. We will even guide you through the selection process to ensure you get the finishes, fittings and overall look you want. We encourage this to be done before we go to contract as it helps to lock-in costs and prevent variations. It also reduces uncertainty about the scope of work.

Step 4: Construction

Our customer-based approach to building

We will keep you fully informed throughout the entire process and you
will have the opportunity to provide feedback to ensure you remain satisfied
with the progress. We are always available to answer questions and should any issues arise, we’ll deal with them openly and without question. 

Our building crews follow a strict professional standard to ensure a high quality result and we use tried-and-tested systems to ensure the project runs smoothly, thereby reducing hassles and providing you with an easier experience from start to finish. We have trusted relationships with specialist trades and suppliers including our Carpenters, Plumbers, Plasterers, Painters, Electricians, Tilers, and so on.

Granny and Co work extremely hard to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our results speak for themselves and a large part of our business is referral based. We have many years of experience designing and building granny flats for Brisbane locals. Entrust your granny flat to us and join the hundreds of happy clients who have fulfilled their dream of beautiful, functional extra space… on time and within their budgets.

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Step 5: Enjoy

Completed building handover. Pop the champagne and celebrate!

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When construction is completed we “handover” the building to our clients – pop the champagne and celebrate! You’ve joined one of many happy clients who have fulfilled their dream of beautiful, functional extra space… On time and within budget.

Need to know where to start?

Need to know where to start? Give us a call to find out more about the processes involved. We’re happy to help you decide on the right granny flat solution for your needs, so you can get your granny flat dream underway. Call us today on (07) 3180 2681.

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